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What type of grind should I choose for my coffee so it will come out with the best flavor when brewed?  The general rule of thumb is the grind size is directly proportionate to the amount of time that the hot water is in contact with the ground coffee during the brew process.  The shorter the time the finer the grind.  The longer the time the larger the grind.  So for an espresso shot the grind would be very fine since the water has to extract the coffee essence in about 30 seconds.  For a French Press you want a much larger grind since the typical brew time is 4 minutes.

We hope this handy chart below will help you select the right grind so you can brew that perfect cup of coffee at home every time.

Turkish #1

The finest grind. Coffee resembles a light powder.  For use in an Ibrik or a Cezve.

Fine #3

Slightly finer than table salt. Coffee will saturate longer to brew. For use in an espresso machine, or for a stronger flavor in a drip brewer.

Cone #5

Smooth to the touch and a little finer than granulated sugar. For use in a drip coffee maker with a filter that comes to a point at the bottom.

Single Serve #6

Coffee is evenly granulated more along the lines of table salt. Use in all reusable single serve coffee filters.

Standard #7

Medium grind that resembles the texture of sand. For use in a drip coffee maker with a filter that has a flat bottom.

French Press #10

Coarser even grinds. For use in a French Press.

Percolator #13

Our most coarse grind. For use in a percolator.

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